Integrative Pain Management


Pain is a complex issue involving nutritional, psychosocial, biochemical, neurological and physical components. Conventional medical treatments typically address pain in one dimension -- with medications. An integrative medicine approach to pain management fuses conventional treatments with complementary therapies that can help your mind and spirit decrease the pain your body experiences. Dr. Lu’ukia Ruidas is an Integrative Medicine specialist in Kahului, Maui, Hawaii who can help you find treatment options that will be the most effective for you.

Pain Management Q&A

What is Integrative Pain Management

Integrative pain management is designed to enhance your current treatment by incorporating a range of non-medication therapies, from acupuncture and massage to mindfulness, yoga and aromatherapy, with the goal of lessening pain and improving function and quality of life. There is ongoing research about which therapies work the best to treat different types of pain including chronic low back pain, osteoarthritis, headache, and fibromyalgia. Integrative pain management can help add other tools to your pain control toolbox and help you take control of the pain.

Is Integrative pain management right for me?

If you are taking medications for pain and feel that you could benefit from improvement in your pain control or if you want to decrease or avoid taking medications, then integrative pain management may be able to help.  Dr. Ruidas will take time to discuss the types of pain you are having and work with you to develop a treatment plan that is customized to your lifestyle and goals.

Is integrative pain management covered by insurance?

Since Dr. Ruidas is a medical doctor who bills insurance companies for services, a portion of your visits will likely be covered, but the additional time spent and alternative therapies involved in an integrative approach to pain managment will not be covered. You will be responsible for that portion of your time with Dr. Ruidas, called the Integrative Medicine fee. Dr. Ruidas will also provide you with a written treatment plan which she recommends you share with your primary care doctor.

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