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Lu'ukia Ruidas, MD -  - Aesthetic Specialist

Esthetica Maui Laser Clinic and Medspa

Lu'ukia Ruidas, MD

Aesthetic Specialist located in Kahului, HI

Dr. Lu’ukia Ruidas offers patients in and around Kahului, Maui Hawaii treatments for total skin rejuvenation using BOTOX®. Patients can visit Dr. Lu’ukia Ruidas at Esthetica Maui Laser Clinic and Medspa.

Botox Q & A

What is BOTOX?

BOTOX is made up of a natural, purified protein from the Botulinum toxin. It’s used as an injectable for cosmetic treatments of the face, such as smoothing lines and wrinkles for a younger appearance.

Using an ultra-fine needle, Dr. Ruidas places the injections into the muscle resting just beneath the skin. That causes the nerve impulses to be blocked and the facial muscles to become relaxed, as the activity in the muscles that cause frown lines becomes reduced.

Once those muscles are at rest, the skin appears smoother, creating a more natural and relaxed appearance. Results typically last up to three to four months, though continuous treatments are necessary to maintain the effects over time.

Is BOTOX painful?

When the treatment is done in office by a trained and licensed professional, Botox is non-invasive, and requires no downtime. No significant pain is evident, other than the small prick of the needle being injected into the skin.

The effects of Botox will start to show in as little as three days, and more significant effects are usually seen in about ten days. The approximate number of injections required will vary based on each patient’s individual wants or needs.

Can I combine a botox treatment with another procedure?

Yes, combination approaches are quite common and often recommend to help patients resolve several aesthetic concerns at the same time, rather than having them go through multiple treatments. It's perfectly safe to mix them with Botox.

An initial consultation with Dr. Ruidas will help determine if botox is right for you.