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Lu'ukia Ruidas, MD

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It’s estimated that roughly 25% of Americans choose to permanently mark their bodies with tattoos to celebrate something meaningful in their lives. But times change, so it’s also estimated that half of them will eventually want those tattoos removed. Esthetica Maui Laser Clinic and Medspa offers laser tattoo removal for patients in and around Kahului, Maui, Hawaii. It’s a safe and effective way to lighten or fully remove any designs that you no longer want to keep forever.

Tattoo Removal Q & A

How are tattoos removed?

So-called permanent tattoos can be difficult to remove because the ink is set beneath the top layer of skin. Past removal methods, including surgery and dermabrasion, often caused scarring that was less attractive than the tattoo itself. Today, qualified physicians use state-of-the-art PicoSure laser technology to lighten or remove tattoos with little risk of skin damage. The PicoSure laser works by emitting a high-intensity light beam to break up the pigment colors beneath the skin. Different pigment colors respond to different wavelengths of light. Black and dark green inks are the easiest to remove, while yellow, purple, turquoise and fluorescent dyes are more challenging.

How many treatments will I need?

Although laser tattoo removal is an individually tailored process, most tattoos require a series of treatments scheduled at least 4 weeks apart. Several factors can affect whether a tattoo will disappear completely or just fade:

  • Older tattoos tend to disappear more readily and with fewer treatments
  • Tattoos located further down your legs or arms are usually harder to fully remove
  • Amateur tattoos are easier to remove than professional ones

After assessing the size, color, location and type of tattoo, Dr. Ruidas will come up with an effective treatment plan. Your tattoo will fade with each treatment, and although many tattoos can be removed in 4-6 visits, some may require further treatment.  

What are the side effects of tattoo removal?

Potential side effects of tattoo laser removal are minimal, but they should still factor into your decision to undergo this cosmetic procedure. The removal site is always at risk of infection. After treatment, you may notice swelling and even blistering or minor bleeding. There’s also a chance that the treated skin will become lighter or darker than your surrounding skin, leaving you with what may look like a ghost or a shadow of your old tattoo. To minimize changes in your skin pigment, you can apply sunscreen to the site before and after each treatment.