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While it’s best to get vitamins from actual food sources by eating a healthy, balanced diet, some people may find it challenging to get all the nutrients they need in the foods they eat. Yet, finding the right vitamins and figuring out the appropriate doses leaves many people confused and in need of answers. Dr. Lu’ukia Ruidas at Kupuola Wellness Center is an Integrative Medicine Specialist in Kahului, Maui, Hawaii who can help navigate you through the world of vitamins and herbal supplements.

Vitamin and Herbal Supplements Q&A

What is a vitamin and herbal supplement review?

Dr. Ruidas will review your health history, eating habits, medications, and current vitamins then make personalized recommendations for both food sources and supplemental vitamins and herbs to help optimize your health and meet your lifestyle goals. You will receive a printed summary of the recommendations which will include specific brands that have been shown to uphold high standards for quality and purity. Dr. Ruidas encourages you to share the recommendations with your primary care doctor.

Why should vitamins and supplements be reviewed by an integrative medicine specialist?

As a medical doctor with special training in vitamins and supplements, Dr. Ruidas will help you answer the following questions.

    • Which foods have the vitamins you need?
    • Do you need additional vitamins in pill form?
    • Which vitamins and herbs are right for your health status?
    • How much of each vitamin should you take?
    • Could there be problems if you take too much of a certain vitamin?
    • Are whole food derived vitamin supplements better than synthetic ones?
    • Is there a risk for impurities or toxins in the vitamins you take now?
    • Could vitamins interact with your medications?

Is a vitamin and herbal supplement review covered by insurance?

As you know, insurance companies don’t cover the cost of vitamins and herbal supplements. Insurance companies won’t pay for a vitamin review either but since vitamins and herbal supplements can be quite pricey, knowing which vitamins to take and how much of each to take can help you save money by eliminating supplements that aren’t necessary or that are duplicated in another supplement you may be taking. Dr. Ruidas will also guide you toward high-quality products so you get the most out of what you’re buying. Many times, the money you save by eliminating unnecessary or duplicate vitamins, over time, will cover the cost of the consultation.